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It's pouring down rain and I'm getting my kids of the bus this little boy comes up dripping wet asks to use my phone to call his parents so I bring him in let him call and he says he missed his bus but his dad says they don't got a car or no how to get him so I drove him home down garden village, idk if I'm just emotional or what but man that shit hurt my heart that poor boy he said nobody would even let him use the phone he was lost and soaked I just always try to imagine if it was my child I don't understand how people can be so damn cold hearted

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— Wow!! Glad you were there. That could have ended very very badly.

— @phinnybinz, my heart really went out to him he couldn't of been more than 13 tops

— your a great person @3boys4me god bless you

— Aw thank you @carlitojrmami

— @3boys4me, God bless you! any number of things could have gone wrong in that situation. thank god for angels on earth!

— Wow. So sad. Thank goodness he had an angel like you there for him today.

— Thanks ladies @deennbean @dabcw3814, we can only hope someone would look out for our kids one day if ever needed