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So I thought I had seen everything on here..checking your self to see if your dialated is a new one lol

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— Yeah but how would you know even if they checked themselves lol 😆

— Haha it is possible, but I wouldn't recommend it because you can introduce bacteria and if you aren't trained you wont really know.

— idk.. lol I just find it funny and odd someone would consider checking themselves @kreese88

— @alexislindo814, exactly.. last thing you want is to get a bacteria infection instead of just waiting for your doc to check

— Sounds like an impatient person. But yes you wouldn't wanna give yourself a bacteria infection

— when the doctor checks it feels like they are in there up to their elbow.. lol.. I don't know how someone could even check themselves.. @ftmommieoftwiinz

— I don't understand how women on here say they have like wayyamment my doctor must of shoved her two damn fingers in my gut (tmi) 😂😂😂😂 ijs there's no way in hell they can tell they're dilated they're just stupid

— or maybe they can hell idk I wouldn't do no crap like that 😂😂

— Lmao I'm saying! whenever I'd go in and they would do my ultrasound and had to see if my cervix was still closed for my c section..I honestly felt like dying.. that shit hurt like I can only imagine someone who is not medically certified trying to do so..mess around and start bleeding or worst smh I've seen some craziest questions..that one was in the top 10 lol @novasmother

— @brwneydgirly25, and now you got women trying to check for self dialation 😂😂 like who wants to do that? especially at 34 weeks

— 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I seen someone say they check they're self for it..I died laughing 😂😂😂😂 @ftmommieoftwiinz

— oh hell no..smh watch they go into labor smh @novasmother