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Why has it seemed like the way I feel for my husband has ch…

Why has it seemed like the way I feel for my husband has changed since having the baby? He is now a jerk since he started this landscaping job and working up to 10 hour days, I stay home with baby and I have no way to get around and even if I did I have no friends. I feel like just running away honestly. my husband and I don't have an intimate relationship since our son hs gor here we have only had sex a handful of time's. We share a room with the baby and we never do anything like ever. We don't show near as much affection as we did when we got together. I've been think about how life would be if I left him but I don't want our son growing up without a dad like his dad and I both did so that's one main reason I've just ignored how I feel


— I understand exactly what you feel...but don't keep it to yourself that will make it worse. tell him how you feel and talk about why you don't want sex...I was like that for the longest time...I hated the way I was feeling and my body...you just have to communicate.

— I've left him before and had no prob cuz i left him with the only person I trust, I just ignore how I feel and just keep it to myself. I feel like a burden cuz my husband is the only person I have and he knows I feel like a burden, he will try to have sex but I just don't have the want for it and plus I hate my body 1000000000% even more now so I just turn him down and he gets mad plus I'm home with baby all day I just don't wanna be touched and he doesn't understand that either @eskawho

— there is absolutely no judgement from me...having a baby is not easy and as much as I love being a mom it took a while to get back to us. it's a big change...talk to your husband about what your feeling...maybe he is feeling the same
I think my daughter was a year old before I felt comfortable to leave my baby....even going to the movies or dinner was hard lol.

— I have no family, the only person I had was my mom and she passed away a week before I got pregnant and it'll be a yr next month that she will be gone.. he just started working again so we haven't had any money for a date night or anything the only time we have not had the baby is when we where moving b our stuff into his moms. that is where we are living now. I just thought having a baby would honestly be better than what it actually is.. plz don't judge for me saying that. @eskawho

— having a baby will make any relationship different...I know after having my daughter things changed so much...it was just us for 9 years and now we have a baby. it did put a strain on being intimate and in the past year we haven't been as intimate like before because she would always wake up and stuff but running away is not the answer...communication it's the key...try talking to him and share your concerns and how you feel. I'm a stay at home mom living in a different state then all my family and friends and I know it can be difficult. my daughter is 16 months now and we have a better routine and have found our new groove and finally getting back to us...I'm also now letting my daughter stay with a babysitter, one that we trust, so we can have date nights just for us without our daughter.