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So has anyone like a month after having there baby got to the point where they can't stand their SO? He treats me well, helps with the baby. It just seems as if I want to be alone and I can't stand him like at all. I use to be head over heals for him but now I much rather be home by myself. I didn't think things would be like this after having our son but it is.

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— I think we're so exhausted that after a certain point we just want alone time. Not alone time with our SO

— I'm so mean to him anymore. he wants try to be all touchy Feely and all that shit and I want nothing to do with it, I'm not sexual attracted to him anymore. I hate affection. having this baby has changed me like 100% @kreeblim

— Yes!!! I started feeling the same way while I was pregnant and I still feel like that. Hes always trying to help me and just everything he does gets on my nerves!!!

— I've been so mean to him and I can say some mean shit too! lol @rhia

— So can I and Im trying so hard not to 😣