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AJ is the ONLY newborn I've ever met who hates car rides wi…

AJ is the ONLY newborn I've ever met who hates car rides with a passion. He screams his little lungs out every single time were in the car for the ENTIRE car ride, no matter how far we're going. He makes rides completely miserable. 😭😩


— yikes girl!!hope it gets better! does he hve a swing n does he like tht???

— @leesambee, literally NOTHING helps. I'm the same way, I'm always taking both of them with me to do whatever I need to do throughout the day and he screams every single time.

— @meganeileen6, lol yeah it's just such a huge difference from her to him. She's always been real independent.

— omg.. I'm always in car if my bby did this idk what I'll do!! I do all the errands pick ups n shop!!yikes!! any soft music help him???

— P is my first so i have nothing to compare her too but shes still soo clingy lol

— @meganeileen6, omg, noooo. I hope I can figure out what is it quickly that he doesn't like. He's so much more clingy to me than my daughter was too. He's going through a phase where I can't even put him down without him crying. He's only 3 weeks, it's too early for all this. 😩

— penelope was like that for about 3.5 months...hang in there girl! i know it suuuucks. p would cry so hard shed throw up 😣

— @sexxymama83, @meganeileen6 ugh my god. It's crazy how every baby is different. My daughter has always loved it. It's always put her to sleep immediately. He is like complete flip opposite. I hope it ends soon because I'll probably rip my hair out if it doesn't. 😩

— Penelope had a phase of that too...now she instantly passes out

— 2 of my babies were like that. Hang in there it won't last for long.