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Hi ladies, anyone that has any idea what happens with a bab…

Hi ladies, anyone that has any idea what happens with a baby regarding homelessness give me a message please? Can't live with my mum anymore, it is getting far too much now, always leaving myself penniless to help her out and constantly wearing myself out cleaning HER house and washing all of HER clothes and cooking her dinner on top of a new born. Id be as well having my own place just so stuck on how to go about it and what would be best for Jayce. Seriously fed up and upset tonight😩😢


— Council

— @mummygoblin, as do I, thank you! Xxxx

— @beccastirlingx, sounds just like when I was living with my mum! except she tried to take over the bringing up of my child... that's when I had enough haha. really good luck huni hope you get sorted soon xxx

— @jod1303, thank you! Xxx

— contact them tell them your mum has gave u date to be out by. get your mum to write u a letter confirming
my friens gt a place doing this pretty quick xx

— @babyboots, thank you so much, I'll give it a try! Xxxx

— @mummygoblin, thank you so much! Cannot deal with all her crap any longer! Xxxx

— you may have to go in temp housing or a hotel for a while, it depends how nice your council is haha. but if you have a baby your pretty much shoved up the list. they can't leave baby's homeless. if your mum refuses to give a letter saying she's kicking you out within so many days says you've had a family falling out and are no longer talking. if they ask for her number, I know it's bad. try to give a fake one or say she don't have a phone coz if they ask and she says oh no they can live here no problem.. your fucked. they won't help coz you have a roof. good luck chick xxxxx

— I went on waiting list but didn't take long as my mum wrote a letter saying since baby was born we wasn't getting on and it was over crouded it's worth a try hun xxx

— @babyboots, will it be temporary housing? Xxxx

— will your mum Wright you a letter to the council saying she's kicked you out? they will have to re house you if she will.. that's what my mum had to do for me when I was 17 hun Xxxx

— @shannon391, have no idea! I'm literally stuck 😢 the council I'm currently with is the council I didn't want to be with when it came to getting my own place.. Xx

— can you not contact your local council? and see if they can help out? xxx