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NAUSEA! I can't get mine under control! What did you guys d…

NAUSEA! I can't get mine under control! What did you guys do to help relieve your nausea? Hopefully there's something out there I haven't thought of yet. Thanks :)


— @shayleighnikole, thank you for giving me hope lol

— YeAh . Almost right when the second trimester started I regained my life quite a bit .

— @shayleighnikole, YES. Dying is a perfect word to describe this feeling. You said yours died down after the first trimester?

— @xoamanduh, hopefully it'll die off. I've been doing really well recently but I remember feeling like I was dying .

— @shayleighnikole, you have the same issue as me. My nausea is so bad I can't get out of bed I feel like I'm nauseous because I can't eat and I can't eat because I'm nauseous it's a lose lose. I spend almost all my day in bed because sleep is the only relief from nausea I get. The gagging is non stop no matter what smell or taste or time of day, I am so miserable

— I couldn't get out of bed for majority of the first trimester because of nausea. I just payed down with a bowl and drank as much water as I could . Peppermint mentos and peppermint gum helped. Ginger ale was a 50/50 shot of helping or making everything come up. Saltines just to keep my stomach from getting sick from being empty ( also gagging and having nothing to throw up made it worse so I always kept a little something to puke just for the momentary reliefs) they make preggie pops, it's just a candy you can get at almost any maternity store that helped a little .

— B6 three times a day. Unisom (doxylamine succinate ) at night and half a tab during the day if needed. Crackers. Lots of crackers. Small meals. Like 4 bites at a time, wait ten minutes, eat a few more bites.

— Lemonade helped me because the acid helped break down the food before I could throw it up

— As odd as it sounds- sour candies helped me.

— b6 and ematrol or phegran

— Ginger ale, Perrier sparkling water, crackers or dry toast, and sleep.