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I'm not allowed to shop until after my baby shower which I'…

I'm not allowed to shop until after my baby shower which I've already accepted, but once the shower comes I want to stock up on a few things. I know I shouldn't buy outside clothes because I don't know how big baby will be when he's a little older. In my first trimester I bought 3-9 month sleepers and pajama sets. I think I'll do the same only I'll get 9-18 month sleepers, pajamas, socks, etc. I like being prepared 😊


— @sarinunez that's true , I'm due in September and I'm only getting like pajamas and things like that you can never have to many onsies I'm just getting 0-3 and 3-6

— I would rather not risk it and buys things as the seasons come. @mommemay As far as pajamas go, they're always going to need them.

— The good thing is if its too big he can grow into it but i actually got a few 9-12 when I had my baby shower lol. It didnt help cause by that time it was winter and he cant wear a shirt. Lol

— For me he was in 0-3 months for a a month and when he was 1 minth he ended up being like 3-6 months.

— I'm talking about buying things ahead, not for when he's born.

— I know that's why I'm not buying outside clothes yet. You can't tell if you baby will fit into 6 months clothes when he's 6 months, some babies are smaller and some are bigger at that stage. @mommemay

— Too hot will get heat rash and too cold will get fever

— All things buying should be relevant to the weather when baby comes otherwise you got a mess of stuff that will never be used