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Is tearing as bad as it sounds?😩

Is tearing as bad as it sounds?😩


— @prettyprego, I'm ready too!!

— @mamatobe203, Two weeks ago I was 1/2 centimeters. I have been having contractions nothing frequent though! I'm just ready!😩

— @mamatobe203, not to be graphic or anything but they told me I almost teared to my ass so it took me quite a few stitches idk the exact number but I took at least 4 weeks to start noticing a good amount of healing but by the 6 week check up I was all good and even Able to have sex again lol I had the stitches that go away on there own I think called the disalvable ones I can't Remember what there called but they come out on the own.

— @pamomma5215, oh man, labia tear sounds scary too!

— @2014mama1993, how long did it take to heal

— @prettyprego, still not dilated But 50% effaced. haven't had any contractions yet. how about you mama?

— I had a labia tear. it took one stitch and it was a nightmare.

— I tore really really bad but it depends on the person I didn't even know I tore till they told me I did n how bad it was in didn't feel it happen tho I had a natural birth but the main thing for me bout tearing is after i got stitches the after care was just annoying to me lol

— @mamatobe203, Hey due date twin any progress?