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I am sitting here explaining to the MIL about how I bled ag…

I am sitting here explaining to the MIL about how I bled again this morning and she says well you and Kyle's niece will be here soon to help you feel better, that only makes me feel worse bc for one its not my niece & for 2 me and the girl hate each other's guts bc she originally wanted to be with my man even caused us to break up for 2 weeks and only God knows what happened with them during that time! She got mad when kyle came running back to me and ended up with his baby brother! She purposely got pregnant 3 months after meeting him, knowing me and Kyle just lost 2 children and have been trying again for 2 years. And then not to mention she has not stopped any of her bad habits for the sake of her unborn child, she chugs red bulls, smokes cigarettes & weed, & also abuses xanexs** Sorry if its misspelled I'm not a druggie! Also she ain't that great of a mom to begin with she lost custody of her 7 year old for abusing drugs she just gave up on her and don't care to get her back, then now has a 2 year old she half ass cares for! She is living with my mother in law in a 2 bedroom trailor with 6 people in the home! ohh and I forgot to mention Kyle's baby brother is only 18 she is 26! She is nothing but spiteful toward me and I try so hard to be nice! She acts fake when Kyle's family is around and then is rude and disrespectful when no one is looking. My point is.....whyyyy would her having the ability to bring another child in this world make me feel better? Did you not just hear meee sayyy I woke up bleedingggg this morning! Gosh damnit, she can't be that stupid! Sorry for the rant!


— Remain humble this is your blessing from God @mother.of.angels I'm happy for you

— welcome... 😁😁

— and thank youuu girl lol I amm thanks again! :) @1sttimemommie16

— thanks so much means the worlddd! @jewellmason1234

— awww okay well make sure u aren't doing too much on your feet... get rest and fuck that b!+(# lol blessings to you and yours

— I'm praying for you and that baby❤️ sending love momma

— thank you girls @jewellmason1234 @angiek and @1sttimemommie16 I wasn't stressing until after the bleeding, before the bleeding I was on top of the world and had no worries in the world.

— stop stressing... that may be the reason u are bleeding.... calm down the best revenge is to take care of yourself... have that beautiful baby and show her what a REAL MOTHER is... prayers for u and baby... 😘😘

— @mother.of.angels, she doesn't sound like she is that bright if that's how she was trying yo cheer you up. Sheesh. 🙄

— Rant all you want! That's insane that she would say that to you