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ahh. so upset. l have asked my husband to turn the surround…

ahh. so upset. l have asked my husband to turn the surround sound down so the baby would nap.... he says no but thanks for asking. I wish I knew how to tear it out.


— in not really mean hateful person. anyway he would just go the bedroom and do it.

— and the show he is watching don't even need to be loud. it's lip sync battle

— I have ear problems from loud noise from a child. I have chronic ear aches all the time. I wouldn't wish it on my enemy. I have asked many times. he just looks at me. so now he has the baby and I'm in her room crying with a headache and putting her clothes away.

— I'd unplug everything and be like listen asshole. What a dick move on his part.

— Kinda going through the same thing right now...its the worst feeling in the world

— it's so loud it can be heard outside. it hurts my ears.

— yeah I tried he says I'm the mom.

— You're kidding. I would tell him that HE has to put the baby down for a nap then.