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*vent alert* I've been having the same symptoms I had from …

*vent alert*
I've been having the same symptoms I had from my first pregnancy (pelvic pain, nausea, painful breasts, ect) been getting negative pregnancy tests so I figured I'd get a blood test to see if we're expecting only problem is my Dr refuses to order a blood test because my urine test didn't come up positive I'm beyond irritated. told me she doesn't know why I'm having these symptoms and sent me on my way


— @baby1004, yea I was a mess after the appointment, I'll wait a bit and test again tho

— @mikeysmama, the dr said that you? How horrible I'm sorry she said that. I would say to just wait another week and retest if AF hasn't come. Try not to stress because that can cause it not to come if you are not prego. I tested too early and was getting discouraged then tested the day before and got a faint positive

— @baby1004, AF is due today. I think my main problem was she called me fat 6 times within 20 minutes and told me if I had common sense I'd be pregnant already

— Just wait a few more weeks and see...when is AF due?

— some days, my pms feels EXACTLY like pregnancy symptoms. not every time, but like last cycle, I was throwing up like morning sickness and was exhausted and had horrible cramping. totally aunt flow though!