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Wanna make your boyfriend mad at 9 AM? Fart on his back whi…

Wanna make your boyfriend mad at 9 AM? Fart on his back while he's sleep.

It was an accident! 😒 I didn't know it was coming right then. GEEEESH.

But since your up now. . .can you go get me some donuts or. . .?


— @mommy2babyg, 😂😂 nooooo. Give him that hug girl. Don't do that.

— dead 💀💀💀 lol omg my husband did that to me the other day then gone say come here bae give me a hug TF NIGGA NO 😑 bye lol @dang_dridri

— , exactly what I said you've seen it all even our first son being born and a fart freaked you out lol

— @supermommy23, I don't get it, like are we not suppose to ever pass gas? We've been together for almost 7 years so he's seen it all and still gets mad. They're so sensitive! I just wanna have fun. @msvanessa27 😂😂😂 you be trying to kill that man in his sleep! Smh. Lmao.

— my bf sleeps with his head under the cover so its funny when i do it and all of sudden he moves and turns over i die on the inside 😂😂

— @dang_dridri, bofl me and my bf been together for 4years he has never heard me fart then one day I farted on him and it smelled horrible I was laughing so hard he didn't think it was funny either 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

— haha lmao

— @supermommy23, @msvanessa27 I swear I seen my life flash before my eyes. He jumped up so quick girl. He did not think that shit was funny AT ALL! 😂

— idc if he sleep i do it on purpose n laugh my ass off

— lmaooooo 😂😂😂😂