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Am I the only person on this earth who doesn't understand h…

Am I the only person on this earth who doesn't understand how the hell to COUNT MY CONTRACTIONS?!
I asked several people, my OB and a nurse at the hospital a few weeks ago... can't explain it any further than, count how long apart between the pain coming, going and then coming back.

Ummmm. Okay well I have a fucking contraction, it goes away for a minute then it comes back? I know they aren't a minute apart! So where does that leave me?!!?
So fuckin irritated, my hospital is 40 minutes away and these bitches need to just become unbearable so I can make this trip already, cause I really can't count them 😤😤😤😤😣😣😣😣😣


— I've known many women who have never had steady contraction throughout labor and kept doubting themselves and delivered within an hour after arriving at the hospital. If the pain is steadily increasing and you can't talk through the contraction, I would go in. @tiffmama

— Yeah its confusing to be too. I use a contraction counter app that counts the time. You just hit the button when one starts and hit it again when it stops and keep going. I think it's from the time of the first one until the start of the next one

— you know! Haha I was just getting pissed off thinking about it

— I don't understand that either . And I don't have time to be counting shit if I'm in any pain😩

— that's what I was trying to do, but then it was like they were a minute apart, then would go away for 5-10 minutes, and then come back with the whole minute apart. more like a pinching throbbing.

— ive always heard from the first to the beginning of the next then stop it and start it again. it makes no sense to me either thought lol

— this is my first day that I've had actual contractions. the previous days have just been period cramp feels, but pretty bad. I woke up the morning like oh shit, that's pretty uncomfortable lol.
they're more painful tonight than this morning, but haven't been ALL day so idk

— I use to count the time between the last pain ended until the time the next one starts hopefully that makes sense

— everyone keeps telling me to make sure I just count them, so I'm sure and don't drive so far to just have to come back home. but, it doesn't make no kind of sense to me lol. I'm just waiting until I start crying I guess haha.

— If you don't feel like there mins apart you should go , you have a long drive! I would go and tell them I'm freaking far I can't come when there a min apart lol

— I also have no clue. it doesn't make sense to me either lol