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So my job is hosting an event tonight because we're located…

So my job is hosting an event tonight because we're located in a heavy tourist and college student area (we're literally on a portion of the Yale University Campus and blocks away from 2 other colleges and universities and have about 4 high schools that are in the area) and the strip on which we're located is hosting a college night, we're going to have 3 live bands play in our store and have beer and sales left and right, and guess who the only person scheduled until 10 pm to stay past closing with one of our managers to clean up and dismantle all this gear and make the store look like the event never happened (we only have one male manager and everyone else is female and I'm probably closing with a female manager) mind you we have about 4 or 5 people scheduled to work until 9 (when we close) and then leave, and I've already told my job everything going on, I know I need the hours and I'm grateful, but I just feel weird about today's schedule, I wouldn't personally put a pregnant person on to work a night shift on a big night like tonight with no real help, I know I'm not crippled or handicapped or something but I don't think that having to clean the biggest store in the chain (2 full floors and a middle landing that is almost like a floor in between the 2 big floors) alone while my manager takes care of closing business in the office is fair...tonight should be interesting


— i think maybe you should speak up and ask for help. i dont think thats fair either