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How do you mummies calculate how many months your bubba is?…

How do you mummies calculate how many months your bubba is? do you count 4 weeks as 1 month or do you go by the date that bubba was born each month? :D


— yhh weeks are not a good idea go by the birth date like mine is 21st he only just turned 3 months last week :) xx

— Weeks aren't an accurate way to do it xx

— yeah I don't think I'm gonna do it by weeks :) just over tired and can't think properly! haha @firsttimemummy21

— I think its very confusing if you go by weeks

— oh most definitely sleep deprived! lol
oh bless her! yeah it drives me crazy! @tuftyturtle
yeah I normally go by weeks on other things so literally have no idea how to do it! haha @winterbaby95 xx

— Well my girl was born on the 31st of Jan :) most months only have 30 days. So I just go by weeks xx

— Oh I see 😂 sorry. I thought that was a very sleep deprived question to ask 😃 🙈 it drives me insane that shops all come up differently. I've just moved by daughter into 0-3 and there's some stuff that's more like newborn so it probably won't fit her as long!

— I meant the ones that say '1 month today' haha! but I know what you mean, my daughter isn't that long so her new born stuff fits but is way too long on her! haha doesn't help that different shops do sizes differently! haha :D @tuftyturtle

— When they fit 😂 age guidelines are silly. even the weight guide on them isn't accurate because children are different lengths etc. so just when they fit. my daughter is 3 months old and has only just started 0-3 month clothes. They're too big, she should really still wear newborn but I'm bored of her newborn clothes so I've gone up a size 😂

— seems like a stupid question but I'm shattered haha! thank you :D I've got those vests that say 1 month up to 12 months so was seeing when I can put her in them :D @cayleighnatasha xx

— he was born on the 25th so every 25th I say he is another month old. so 25th of April he will be 3 months xx