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Anyone know boy or girl?

Anyone know boy or girl?


— no i just have the 11.4 weeks and 20.6 weeks xxxxx

— @lawamc, that's what happened to me. did they send you back for 12 weeks one? that's good then as want that one. xxzxzzz

— I was 11 week 4 days with my first scan the never dated the top, but my 20 week 6 day scan they put it at the top of the scan ☺️👶xxxxxxx

— @lawamc, it definitely is . even with all the worry and symptoms it's al worth it in the end. yeah we both don't have long to go now. be mad if I seen you at the hospital one day hehe. can't wait for my 12 weeks scan next week. do they put the dates up on tip of tour scan when your 12 and after? seen you got that I never :'( xxxxxxx

— Aw its exciting stuff, itll just fly in @gillibean xxxxx

— definitely good one. meant to be 25 th October but the early scan said Halloween so won't really know until my 12 week I'm sure. I asked the woman on Wednesday and she said she can't say at this many weeks. :-\ xxxxxx

— yeh defo its such a good scan ull be fine when u due? xxxxx

— hehe my boyfriend is the same,think I'm wanting to know due to the losses I've had. be nice. weird as we have girls name and not even spoke about a boy's so who knows. me to me was super nervous worried they weren't there anymore and I was imaging it lol. feel good defiantly! :-) glad you feel better. all the wee pulls etc makes you worry ae xxxx

— Anonid rather have the surprise i was just curious 🙈 aw i feel so gid after that scan xxxx

— plus they kept moving around to much,was super cute.

— @lawamc, had one yesterday but to small to tell what they are .she put me at 11 weeks so have my 12 week scan next Friday at 1.40pm. and yeah its hard to tell especially at my weeks. fun trying but xxxxx

— @gillibean, when is ur scan? xxxx

— its so hard to tell eh xxxx

— I thought boy because of the skull @lawamc xx

— @lawamc, awww lucky you. did you ask? I'm going back on next Friday so will see what I get. let me know how get on with nub/skull theory be cool to see if its right in the end.xxx