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I wish I knew why the hell my almost 2 year old finds it co…

I wish I knew why the hell my almost 2 year old finds it completely necessary to wake up NO less than 5 times a night every single night. this kid is too freakin old for this shit. I haven't slept more than 2 hours at the time and more than 5 hours a night in 2 freakin years. wtf. but obviously since my husband works he's the only one who needs sleep so oh well! why the hell can't I get just 1 damn day... 1 freakin morning to catch up on sleep? why is that so much to damn ask?!


— @nicemmcha2015, I've been thinking that we'll have to swaddle her even though she hates it. She throws her damn hands in her sleep (when she's not on me) & it wakes her right up. 😩 During the day idc how she sleeps 😂 cuz I know she'll be fine at night. A come to Jesus meeting sounds about right lmao. I hope she starts sleeping better for you. I know how it feels to have no sleep. I went almost 24 hours without sleep this weekend.

— @theinkedmommy, oh goodness. Emmalynn was like that too for like the 1st 4 months. like if I was holding her she was out cold. if i put her down.... insta-awake lol finally we had to start swaddling her so she didn't feel the temp change from when she wasn't on me or him anymore. other wise she was on us all night but during the day she was fine where ever. and yeah her 2 year check up we are gonna have a come to jesus meeting and either she's gonna stop giving me b.s answers or I'll find a new dr. sometimes they think they know your kid better than you. 😑

— @nicemmcha2015, She's sleeping great now, but she won't sleep anywhere but on me. So we went from one problem to another. 😅 I'd tell her if she wants to let her personal opinions affect your parenting you'll just find a new doctor. Lainey's pedi hasn't pissed me off yet but if he does he's gonna know about it.

— @queenbee29, I feel like the worst mom ever for getting this irritated but after this long. .. idk what else to do or how else to be.. nothing I've tried works. and being 32 weeks I'm so so tired....
@theinkedmommy and it's ok. lol maybe your daughter won't have the same sleep issues you dealt with. and you're right. it makes you so mad when they try to make you deal with something and you're standing there about 2 seconds from loosing your crap trying to tell them you can't anymore.. that something has to give. the "it's normal" excuse is like a really big "f you" and slap in the face.

— @nicemmcha2015,

— Wow I'm delirious. I saw 5 times a night & thought that's how old she was. God help me I'm sorry. 😐 I've only slept an hour. I'd tell her shut the hell up unless you wanna get up with her 5 times a night. Tell me the damn dosage.

— I can tell your really pissed, not being able to sleep is the worst 😩😩

— She's about to be 2 so maybe it is some kinda of normal for her age but everyone else i know whose kids are close to her age wake up maybe 2 times at the most. she wakes up about every 2 hours if I'm lucky.

— @theinkedmommy, they make it for kids but the dr has to tell you the dosage.... but hers wont tell me crap because she doesn't see anything wrong with it.

— @nicemmcha2015, That definitely does not sound "normal" for a 5 year old. My friends 5 year olds sleep through the night & even until their parent wakes them up. I've had a lot of people say Benadryl affects their children the opposite way. That's just crazy. Maybe try Melatonin? I think it's safe for kids. I took it before I got pregnant (though I know I'm an adult). She may have insomnia.

— @theinkedmommy, I guess she's going to be the same way. benadryl has the opposite affect on her. if her dr tells me 1 more time it's normal... she's getting punched in the face because this is not normal. I give up on sleeping altogether.. there isn't any use. since Thursday everytime I get comfortable to get to sleep..... she wakes up crying. every. single. time. I'm about to loose what sanity I have left. and I can beg and plead for ppl to help me and watch her so I can get some sleep.. ha nope.

— @nicemmcha2015, My mom used to give me Benadryl to help me sleep, lol. Knocked my ass out cold. (Not trying to suggest you do it, just sharing my story). I've always had sleeping problems though.