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Okay mommies please PLEASE some help. Ive only gotten 4-6 h…

Okay mommies please PLEASE some help. Ive only gotten 4-6 hours the past three-four nights. my daughter is 2 days old and we got discharged this morning.
She slept perfectly but now oh nopers. get face gets red and she screams like screams a scream i never heard until i get a passi in her mouth. and when she sleeps she drops it and freaks out. She will sleep perfectly fine on me me but I'm so tired im scared ill fall asleep on her. my stitches are killing me nothing is working with the pain and this getting up and down is really REALLY taking a toll on me. So anyone please


— Swaddling and burping are two good suggestions. She also might have reflux. Hold her for 30 minutes after she eats up right. Hang in there. The first few days are the hardest for some.

— purple crying?

— is she swaddled..sometimes that helps after a warm bottle

— Try burping her if not she might still be hungry

— @desiadi4116, Try burping her again. She could possibly have trapped gas & need another burp.

— I think you should feed her if she's already changed and warm most likely she's hungry

— @desiadi4116, I know 2 people who accidentally fell asleep on their baby so I feel you on that one.

— @desiadi4116, my baby isn't here yet but if she's screaming like that I would guess she's hungry too

— @theinkedmommy, I really thought it threw and like she fed 2hrs ago and she actualky took in 40ml. she over ate but i think she is hungry but if i feed her i might make things worse

— @desiadi4116, Maybe she's still hungry?