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is it rare to get shots of a baby's face's this clear? beca…

is it rare to get shots of a baby's face's this clear?
because everyone ive showed my daughter too said that it doesn't happen often.


— this is one of my twins her brother wouldn't cooperate hoping to get him to Tuesday lol

— Me too! I can't wait to meet him or her so we can all stop guessing lol

— haha aww. im too excited @ahredfox

— Lo thank you! Chubby cheeks and the cutest lips.. You got such a great picture. She/he is just like her dad like 'no pictures mommy'

— aww! so cute. i was surprised she showed her whole face, then the tech tried getting another good one and she his her face lol. @ahredfox

— Aw you're so lucky! My baby was being sooo shy lol.. In the beginning she/he had their back turned then when she/he finally flipped over covered up their face😩

— i was surprised it was so clear. but the tech that was doing my ultrasound was a bitch lol. she only gavee 4 pictures and it was one of her legs, showing she's still a girl, and 2 of the same of her face. when before id get like 8 pictures. @momaug15

— I love this picture lol I'm jealous because my picture I got isn't clear

— ohhh, i see. i was just asking because my moms boyfriends sister is in the medical field and she sees a lot of this and she said she's never seen one this clear. i was just curious lol. @momaug15

— No it just means that you drink a lot of water ... People that get back pictures that aren't clear as yours is because they don't drink a lot of water