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strawberry cheesecake snowball with condensed milk on top o…

strawberry cheesecake snowball with condensed milk on top omfg it was so good


— Lol haha alrighty 👍🏻😋 @mommyloveshersweetdiva

— @lovegod89, lol I'll try can't guarantee it make it without melting

— Awww, next time you go think of me buy me one and send it to me by UPS haha @mommyloveshersweetdiva

— @lovegod89, sorry and I want another one but sadly they don't open until 2pm tomorrow

— Lol it looks good and I'm sure it taste delicious now you got me craving for some snowballs 😞😫 @mommyloveshersweetdiva

— @lovegod89, you should try it it's honestly really good only way I get my snowballs now lol my fiancé said it looked weird

— Sounds really good 😋 @mommyloveshersweetdiva

— @lovegod89, they might I got a regular strawberry cheesecake but added condensed milk on top it makes it taste so much better especially with the strawberry taste you can add condensed milk to any snowball but I just add it to the strawberry flavored ones

— Lucky, there's one around here but I don't know if they make those kind of snowball I should go and find out and if they do boy I'm buying me some for sure @mommyloveshersweetdiva

— @lovegod89, I love going to where I got this snowball from but honestly about 15 mins from where I live but my fiancé don't mind taking me cause the pricey be good and honestly they make great snowballs and hopefully they build/put a snowball stand closer to you

— It sure does 😫 @mommyloveshersweetdiva

— @lovegod89, that must really suck

— They do but I have to drive a bit far to get some which sucks 😞 @mommyloveshersweetdiva

— @lovegod89, they don't have snowball stands where you live?

— I wish they sale those here unless they do and I have to idea where but it sure looks good @mommyloveshersweetdiva