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So unbelievably pissed right now. Just waited forever in li…

So unbelievably pissed right now. Just waited forever in line, paid to get into a skating rink and paid for rental skates, paid for socks (everyone has seen me and said nothing at this point) pick up my skates and get them on and when we are literally about to go out (which I'm super excited about because I have wanted steven to take me to this rink for forever) two refs walk up to me.."uhm ..are you skating..?" me: looks down at my skates...uhm yes? ref: "are you pregnant?" me: looks down at my clearly pregnant belly..well this isn't chocolate bars...
ref: "yah you can't skate.." then why the fuck did they let me pay for everything at the counter and not say anything? why the fuck did I sign a waiver taking all liability and responsibility off of your hands if you're going to stop me right now..so beyond angry...the worst part was steven didn't even try to stick up for me or have my back.


— Well it's pretty stupid they let u pay to begin with, but at the same time you're pregnant, if you would've fallen at any point you could harm baby and yourself and that's just kinda obvious. I get why you're pissed but still

— @mommakate1, yah because I was about to raise hell. I just don't understand why you would even let me buy the wrist band in the first place if I'm not allowed lol. oh well

— did they give you your money back

— @karnamarie, The whole situation is just disheartening to me. Plus the two refs who approached me were very condescending and I didn't understand why they needed two people to tell me that anyway

— @kimberkatherine Your right they shouldn't have let you pay unless they thought you where paying for someone else but they could have asked. I'm just stating why they couldn't let you even if you signed a waiver their business insurance company have strict rules about stuff like that

— @karnamarie, Yah but my whole point is they let me pay when they had seen me and could have asked at the door if I was pregnant. They also saw me at the rental skate spot and let me pick out my skates. I also signed a waiver. The signing of a waiver takes all liability and responsibility off of them. It is me taking responsibility for myself if anything happens. The whole situation is messed up.

— @kimberkatherine That maybe true but for insurance purposes most places like that won't let you participate because you are considered a liability. Can't go down water slides or rent a jet ski or ride some rides either

— @lalamichelle0707 Yeah because I was pretty stern with them just now. I'm still irritated about the whole situation in general.

— im not saying its dangerous because of you @kimberkatherine

— People also say weight lifting and intense cardio is dangerous. It depends on that mom, her body, and her pregnancy. I'm in great shape, I'm an experienced skater and I'm not a high risk pregnancy by any means. I'm not going to be a hypochondriac about every little thing because I'm pregnant. of course I protect my baby but I know I'm capable of a simple skating rink. @mommy2bee1696

— no matter how angry you are about it, you should not skate when you're pregnant and shouldn't have went there to skate any ways they were looking out for you and you're baby and maybe you're husband didn't stick up for you because he knows that's dangerous and risky and im just being honest.

— Did they give you a refund?!

— That's what I'm saying! @aj33 like my husband just kept saying, "they're just looking out for you" uhm the fuck they are! I signed a waiver which means the responsibility is not theirs. I'm a good skater and I love to skate
like I already have a long enough list of things I'm not allowed to do, and you're going to tell me that I'm not allowed to go skating with my family?? I'm so angry right now I want to cry

— screw that.. I'd be ripping somebody a new asshole, and getting a refund!!!