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question ladies, can you ask for a membrane sweep at 37 weeks? My OB is inducing at 39 so I would like to try everything to get her to come before that.

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— Doubt the dr will do it that early

— why not? he's inducing me at 39 he doesnt even expect me to make it to 37 weeksm

— @lalamichelle0707

— Depends on whether you're dilated or not.

— @marskhaos if your dilated they can? Thanks girl

— A lot of the time they'll want you to be at least at 2cm

— okay I'll have him check me around July 7th and see of he will do it thank you:) @marskhaos

— I was induced at 37 weeks and my daughter is healthy and happy.

— @mommy_of_madison032116 he's sweeping my membranes at 37 weeks I asked him too just to give her the chance to come on her own bc my induction date is set for July 21