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hey is it safe for your newborn to use gripe water if your …

hey is it safe for your newborn to use gripe water if your not sure if he needs it?? help plz


— oh ok sounds good @elismommy01

— If he's not crying he is fine it's normal on new borns I constantly asked when my baby was a new born and was also told it was normal he wasn't ever fussy so I know he wasn't in pain when he was gassy or sometimes his stomach would sound bubbly but he was fine .. I did have to stop eating beans and broccoli because when I would breastfeed all that would make him gassy he's two months now and is still gassy at times but he's fine

— ok i will try that position @babyjjsmommy

— I had that problem too, try sitting him up and holding his head like under his chin with one hand and patting his back with the other, sometimes that position is easier to get them to burp.

— yes i do pat his back...but you think he will burp asleep@oliviasmama1211

— Are you patting his back for a while to make him burp? Sometimes babies don't burp. But sometimes it takes a while so you have to pat them for a while.

— well he only crys when hes hungry & i feed him & when im done feeding i change his diaper then i put him on my shoulder to burp & he falls asleep when he falls asleep he doesnt burp. @babyjjsmommy

— What is he acting like? Usually babies will pull their knees toward their chest and grunt/cry if they are gassy, and you can sit him in your lap facing away from you and move his legs like he's riding a bicycle. Also sometimes they have extra gas in their belly from eating even if they've already burped, sometimes sitting them up again and parting their back will get that out.

— ok so he might not have gas colic stomach pain @babyjjsmommy

— Like she said, gas is normal. Also certain things you eat can make baby gassy if you're breastfeeding. I have only given him gripe water 2x. It doesn't do much in my opinion. I prefer gas drops.

— no only when hes hungry @elismommy01

— Is your baby crying ?

— ok but how you know when there gassy colic stomach pain @elismommy01

— Your baby is gassy ? My baby was super gassy when he was a new born and the doctor told me it was all normal it will go away within time I never gave him anything .. If you aren't sure maybe call the advice nurse see what they say just to be on the safe side

— ok does your baby has gas @babyjjsmommy