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how to tell if ur leaking amniotic fluid

how to tell if ur leaking amniotic fluid


— I will hun ty for caring @kaydensmommy5

— @lil_bigmama, OK. keep me posted!

— @kaydensmommy5, no I haven't I'm trying 2 hold off bc it's not really dripping anymore I think it's pee if it keeps on I'll go

— @lil_bigmama, did you go get checked?

— @kaydensmommy5, my boy is to I need to go get checked just to make sure I'm just being pig headed & not wanting to have to drive an hour to Greenville I really am thinking it's just pee & I don't want to look crazy like hey look a my hoo hoo is it leaking to u uk

— @lil_bigmama, my son is so low that I constantly leak a little urine. I hope your OK girl!

— @kaydensmommy5, idk if it's pee or what I even laid down & took a nap to c if it would help if he was on my bladder

— @lil_bigmama, your not leaking are you??

— @shiles, ty

— It's clear doesn't smell and it will just keep coming and coming