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Have y'all heard anything about soaps and lotions? I heard …

Have y'all heard anything about soaps and lotions? I heard Johnson's is bad..


— @corrinabee, if you want to find a good non toxic baby lotion powder etc try looking up crunchy living on pintrest. there's a ton of simple ways to make your own natural stuff

— I've been noticing that too. and also when I use coconut oil for a moisturizer it works all day and night so I don't need to keep reapplying. @zarnicole

— @michellevaldez4750, good thing about chemical free products u not gonna keep scratching your body or feeling itchy all the time .

— Very much! :)

— @michellevaldez4750, you welcome I'm glad u like it ...😊

— I saw your post with olive oil soap a few weeks ago and tried it. I'm hooked now! @zarnicole you're definitely someone I follow and get ideas from :) thanks for sharing si many yummy recipes and stuff.

— @michellevaldez4750, Yep I agree .. I only make my oil that's it . Rest of the stuff I buy from Whole Foods market ,, things like laundry detergent, body soap, baby shampoo , my own shampoo and conditioner...

— I've been using a lot of the recipes from pintrest to make my own make up laundry soap cleaning products etc. it's not only healthy but a l I t cheaper too :) @zarnicole

— Sometimes organic and natural brands could be very expensive for certain family's . In that case they can buy from any Indian or middle eastern grocery stores big bottle of Almond oil and mix with some essential oil from little fragrance .. It's the best cheap and chemical free moisturizer ever 😉

— @michellevaldez4750, Yes it is unfortunately ... But if we educate ourself and be aware of the chemicals we can save our health much better . I've become allergic to any products , so most of the time I buy from Whole Foods or Korean skin care ... It doesn't have that much chemicals that irritates your skin . Hair colors only I use from Europe or Korean ... I want other lady's be aware of it too so they won't have a problem in the future .

— That's really scary! @zarnicole

— @michellevaldez4750, by the way there is also many hair color products they didn't banned in USA ... Many people get severely skin rashes and they even lost their hair ... I know a person that she even die from it . Goverment doesn't really care it's money to them . Only thing they would put on the box it can be allergic reaction so if someone a file lawsuits they could protect themself .. Those chemicals already banned in Europe and Asian country's ..

— Even doctors most of them they advertise things so u keep using them and u go back to them . They are the one gets benefits out of patients .

— @michellevaldez4750, it's because this is multi billion business to them ... That's why number one allergies and skin problems world wide In USA compare to other country's .

— I'm sure if there was an issue with Johnson & Johnson they would've corrected it by now. especially baby products they wouldn't continue to sell something that was even 1 in a million chance of being harmful to a child.