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just t-boned an idiot that ran through a stop sign, with my…

just t-boned an idiot that ran through a stop sign, with my daughter in the car. slightly cramping. all she had to say was " sorry, I'm not from this area" bitch (excuse me) im sure your area has stop signs too!!!


— This literally happened to my husband and I on Monday 😐 some old lady ran a red light because she wasn't paying attention and we ended up hitting her. I had to go to the hospital. 😡 still mad about it. Lol.

— So I wasn't trying to offend lol @jujukiss

— lol tell them to go back to nyc lol.. iver here its always thw drivers with the orange and blue plates getting on my nerves like PLEASE find the holland tunnel lol @theemmariefactor yeah sometimes its good when its raining =) but when they serve everyone who came after you its annoying..

— lmao @adrenalizee_me so true

— I know, I was so surprised when the guy wouldn't let me do it when I was traveling back from New York haha- but here in MA any time someone does something stupid while driving we say go back to jersey 😂 @lilfree16

— New Yorkers have problems transitioning from the fast pace life rush rush rush rush ...living in the valley (Pennsylvania) I see it all the time. You just can't rip and run out here. @jujukiss

— I hope you and your babies are okay. check your daughters car seat manual and see if it has to be replaced after an accident. her insurance company or yours should pay for a new one. If you need help with that I recommend talking with the owners in car seats for the littles Facebook page.

— and its the new yorkers who cannot drive.. lol =/

— WHOAAAA JERSEYIAN OVER HERE LOL @theemmariefactor .. and its illegal for us to pump our own gas for some odd reason

— @theemmariefactor, I have never got in an accident and definitely know how to pump my own gas when necessary... luckily I don't have too.

and I hope you are okay momma!

— @adrenalizee_me, I drive fine and I'm a new yorker

— I bet she's from jersey, they can't drive. or pump their own gas.

— wow i hope dat u guys are ok

— Probably a New Yorker