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Idk if it's just me but I hate when people complain about t…

Idk if it's just me but I hate when people complain about their weight but do nothing to bring it down. Still eating fatty food and sitting on their ass. But crying about how they are getting fat. Eat a salad then !!! Simple


— @jenidoll, everyone has different situations. It's just annoying to hear someone complain about it when their 100% fully capable of fixing it

— While I do agree. There are some people that truly try but hormones and health issues get in the way. I can attest I lost weight and hit a wall and not even my doctor could figure out why I could not go past that. It was weird.

— I know. I was responding to what someone else said, if someone is healthy and wants to indulge that's fine. But I don't believe being in any state is an excuse to eat whatever whenever, and then later complain about gaining more weight.

— @desi720, your absolutely right about that

— @amaperalta03, exactly that's takes dedication and determination. Unfortunately that's a powerful trait that many people don't have. It maybe simple for you and I but for others not as cut dry. Because that also comes with strength.

— @desi720, people don't understand they hold the power in their lives their in control. Don't want to be fat then loose it! If it's more complicated then seek help. It's very simple. I know how hard it is to quit the bad food but a month ago today right before I found out I was pregnant I vowed to myself to eat healthy and I'm going thru with it

— @amaperalta03, I agree with you people shouldn't complain if they are not trying to better themselves that goes for anything not just being over weight and unhealthy. If it's a sickness and it's so severe they may need help from family or friends

— @kayla471, your pregnant so I understand it isn't simple this wasn't toward pregnant people

— @mommytobesari, well this post wasn't about pregnant people. And. I think a pregnant person should eat what ever they like. But we all have our own opinions. Some woman may already have health or weight issues and are pregnant but if your healthy and wanna indulge in fatty food here and there while pregnant it's fine with me.

— if only if it was that simple

— Ohh YESS definitely blaming the baby they've been 8 pounders and I always take my faja to the hospital that's the first thing I do after birth

— I agree with you, but when you're pregnant you're only supposed to eat 300 more calories... not stuff your face with fatty foods all the time. I don't think being pregnant is an excuse to be unhealthy all the time.

— @tattooedmami, just blame the fat on the baby lol and once the baby is born get that body snatched again lol

— I always loose the first trimester and then my belly starts getting huge in the second 😞 and let's not forget about that third pleaseeee 🙈🐋🐋🐋

— @tattooedmami, oddly I loose weight instead of gain it while pregnant 😩 my daughter I lost weight and never gained a pound over my original weight. I gained after having her and now this pregnancy I'm down 10 lbs already