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How bad does labor really hurt

How bad does labor really hurt


— lol @coko

— o great lol

— Feels like u on your way too meet jesus

— to me my personal opinion the contractions was so painful but im on baby number 4 so lmfao

— I'm in the boat as you lol @sarahmarie91

— lol bad for me but it depends on what you can handle and I just went thru labor yesterday and had my son this morning not fun at all plus I had two epidurals because it just wasn't working for my body.

— No matter what, you will get through it. I am getting ready to have baby #2 and I am getting nervous again, but I know that I got through it before, I can do it again. You are strong and your body was made for this!

— It's the contractions that make you wanna kill your self once you start pushing its not that bad

— I have 2 more months to go and I am getting a little nervous @wiccanmommy @alexusasia420

— there is no good answer. 3 very one I'd different and has different pain tolerance. throw in the wide variety of scenarios and you can't predict it.

— it's diff for everyone hun. Some women don't even know they're in labor