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apartantly I'm good for nothing because I can't remember wh…

apartantly I'm good for nothing because I can't remember where Joseph's check is, don't hand me something when you KNOW I'd lose my brain if it wasn't in my head.


— @hermommy, I would use biotene or act dry mouth those two are my favorites.💜

— @mamabee I'll definitely try that lol because Listerine hurts my entire mouth is there something alittle more gentle?

— @hermommy, I know I love teeth I'm a little obsessed!! Lol! Maybe stop using the listerine it might be to harsh. It has a lot of alcohol

— @mamabee just did salt😂 hurt like a mother but if it helps I'll gladly keep it up

— @mamabee I brush 3 times a day floss twice and gargle with Listerine 3 times a day sometimes I add salt but I found it irritates it more😢 and I finally got a dentist to atleast talk to me and he said it's just from pregnancy it'll go away but it hurts bad lol I'm not use to gum issues I'm a teeth freak I wanted to be a dentist😩

— @hermommy, try warm salt water rinses at least three times a day. I know it may hurt but brush and floss three times a day too. My gums started bleeding just walking through the grocery store for no reason. I'm a dental assistant and I brush and floss like crazy. It helps but they still have inflammation. 😩

— @karnamarie his job doesn't have it:/ they still hand write the checks but luckily I found it😂 my butt put it in the part of my purse I NEVER look in lol

— btw, tell him that's what direct deposit is for... most places have it

— @hermommy I'm sorry to tell you it didn't come back for me lol.. now it's just mommy brain

— @karnamarie I believe it i use to be the responsible one now I lose stuff... can't even find socks and he trust me with a check.

— @mamabee it's bad enough my mouth hurts and I don't feel good, I'm about to just say screw it and go to bed.

— Pregnant brain, it's a real thing

— @hermommy, don't take that from him!! Exactly he should keep track of his own check!!😠

— doesn't give them a reason to treat us like crap, that was his check there should be no reason it was handed to me😒 @mamabee

— @hermommy, I've been losing my keys every day this week! They can't trust us!!!😁