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Does anyone else think about having another baby so soon af…

Does anyone else think about having another baby so soon after not long having one? Lol My boy is nearly 7 weeks and I'm thinking about another one already, 😂 obviously I'm gunna give it a lot more time yet..... but is it really hard work like they say? How did you mummy's find it??? X


— @kim-88, I bet you were shocked, I would be too but I'd Def go ahead also if that happened to me. And your right, it is a case of having the attitude of you just get on with it. Your making me want another now haha, but I think if I said to partner can we start trying for another baby now he might have a heart attack. I'll give it a little more time but I Def don't want much of a gap at all. You sound like super woman, thanks lots for sharing your story. 😊 xx

— @suzie31 I wasn't trying to conceive again so I was very shocked but I decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. I was really scared, didn't think I'd cope with two babies but I've just got on with it and tbh I wouldn't have it any other way, My girls are each others play mates as well as sisters , its beautiful to watch them together. I feel blessed to have two daughters not even a year apart. Life is crazy hectic with two toddlers not even a year apart but its so rewarding. I love being pregnant and having babies too so its a win win situation xx

— @kim-88, Crikey 4 weeks! Did you manage okay? Was it really hard? Think sometimes that's the best way, pop them out at once and jobs done haha xx @nic881 I wish I met my chap sooner aswell, I'm 31 and just had my first baby, he's already had a son from his previous relationship so I think one more for him will be all he'll go for aswell. Just think perhaps sooner rather then later would be better. Two each is fair haha although he'll have 3 when we have our 2nd but that doesn't count in my eyes haha xx

— I fell pregnant 4 weeks after having my first daughter so there's not even a year between my daughters. My girls are 1 and 2 years old and I'm pregnant again, I have a 7 year old son also. So go for it, I thrive on a full household xx

— I was talking about when I wanted the next baby to the midwife when I was in labour with my 1st lol she couldn't believe it as it was just general talk In between pushing, I would love to have about 4 but my oh said this is my last, I'm hoping he will change his mind because this is our second girl and I know he would love a boy but he's 33 and feels he won't be able to run around after little ones the older he gets, makes me wish I met him a little sooner xx

— I think we are gonna start trying end of this year xxx

— I loved being pregnant :) Maya was a surprise pregnancy :) I loved every minute of it! I wanted another literally as soon as I gave birth lol :) My OH only wanted once :) But somehow I've convinced him of another..maybe seeing our beautiful daughter made him want another :) He said we can have one when we have our own place and sometime in the future :) xx

— @darciepenny,

— Awww 😊 how long are you going to wait until your next? xxx

— Mee! I love being pregnant and want a big family xxx