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What are all the mommies doing? I'm at home bored...

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— trying to clip my puppies nails lol

— watching my baby sleep

— @latoyamanning82, I'm ready to do that. I'm watching mine move around. Like she trying to punch her way out of me lol

— mourning my life choices..

— @daniellethomson, I see you are in Clarksville. I just moved from there. I may move back after I have my baby

— i moved here with my husband from pa but recent events today make me realize my life is just gonna be being a maid and taking care of everything or get sent back on a train whether i like it or not. so I might as well accept my life choices were horrible.

— I wish I never got pregnant, but at the same time I know my son doesnt deserve that..

— I'm at home cleaning, doing laundry, and baking a cake for my husband (his favorite kind and making it like a bakery cake, hopefully lol)

— Aww @daniellethomson I hope it gets better baby girl. Keep in touch whenever you want to talk

— @mrsthig, I'm craving trail mix and can't get any. :'(

— that is so sweet @sarahdrew !!! Your babies are soooo cute :-)

— thank you @love2bepreggo ... I figured it can be part of his valentine's day gift lol

— @mrsthig, that's exactly what I want too. But nobody wants to take me to the store to get it. Ughh