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So my doctor told me he couldn't do anything for my hip/joint pain. And it gets worser and worser every day since Adilynn is growing and getting heavier. He did tell me the best bet is to go to my family doctor to get in Physical Therapy.. What kind of stuff will they make you do in PT when your 32 weeks pregnant!?😬

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— Probably old ppl exercises lol. I'm sure it will help tho. give it a try

— You can try out some prenatal yoga. ai have really bad hip pain and doing a couple simple stretches at night before bed and in the morning when I wake up helps a lot! Also getting on your hands and knee and rocking forward, backward and side to side for a few mins can help loosen up the muscles in your lower back.

— Get in a pool hun! Takes weight and pressure of your joint a d your back. Best exercise for pregnant ladies

— @desiadi4116, you should try and get a Rx for massage therapy. I'm getting 2 massages a week since I was in my car accident. It really helps with hip pain and gluts.

— @junemomma2, I'll try I really wanted to do squats to try to strech the muscle out amd I ended up falling crying because it hurt so bad. like a chairle hourse right by your ass. I felt the burn for sure. @karnamarie I really REALLY wish I knew a place close by to go swimming in. best believe I would be in there like swim wear but sadly I'm limited down to just laying in the tub.

— @mamabee, I'll ask my doctor. they keep pushing the Pregnancy Belt and like I told them today. I dont want to spend 20$ when Ive been told by multiple people that it doesn't help

— If you can do it wall squats could help you can slowly lower yourself down and get up easier so you don't hurt yourself.

— @junemomma2, Never tried that! I'm going to try it thanks for the advice hun.

— Your welcome! Hope it helps and you get some relief! When in super pain a heating pad always takes the edge off.