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I heard a bang and felt my floor shake. my 2 year old is asleep and I would know if she fell out of bed....I have semi elderly neighbors and am really hoping one of them didn't fall....

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— If u can I'd go check on them. I work on an ambulance and just took someone in for this same thing happening thankfully the neighbors hears a bang and groaning noises and called 911. police had to kick the door in.

— @mommabear3cubs, the husband is home I believe. or the younger man who lives there too. I heard someone yell right after the bang and I'm hoping I don't have to call....the layout of their home is opposite to mine, so I think something fell. but still concerning as the woman walks with a cane.... the more I listen, the more it is possible they are arguing....I hear more voices and they are loud. sadly I can't understand them

— hmm well hope everything is ok!