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my boyfriend/baby's father decided to go total bipolar on me out of no where... he decided he is staying at his brothers for the night and I have no choice to pick him up whenever he chooses.. he has work at 4am.. going to be a long night..
I've been stuck in a depression for a few weeks now and can't seem to get out and this attitude totally isn't helping..
30 weeks on Thursday and this is how he's acting... awesome can't fucking wait till I get to deal with this bullshit while trying to care for our daughter.

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— You're obligated to take care of one child (your daughter) not two💁🏼

— @answeredprayer16, I swear I have 2 kids.. we have both been told by labor and delivery that I need to start relaxing or I will end up on strict bed rest. I had contractions at 27 weeks.. nothing has changed. my mom has tried to step in which neither of us are fond of but he freaks out on me saying its our relationship not hers

— She's only stepping in because obviously somebody needs to. Some people never grow up

— u don't need to pick him up it was his choice to go over there so when he wants to come home and start being a man he can walk his ass home.....this far into pregnancy u need to worry about u and ur baby the baby can feel ur feelings and u don't want ur baby coming out with depression and anything like that. just trying to help momma

— @sydnee, he's going to his brothers the only way to get home is a highway.. I'm sorry but I would never make someone walk on a highway no matter how mad I was at them