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Who all has taken Zofran during their pregnancy? Did it cause you any problems? Or the baby?

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— I've been taking it. my baby is healthy thus far

— i was prescribedit but I didn't take because my mom said it causes problems and made her want to be violent

— I took it but now there's lawsuits going on for it because mothers who took it had babies with either heart defects, cleft lip, or cleft palet. My son don't have anything wrong with him but I can't speak for anyone elses babies.

— it makes me sleepy, i heard it causes problems, but not like violence wise, it was never directly linked to any birth defects either.

— how long did you take it @justinjrsmommy

— the whole time

— I took Zofran in the beginning. Such a lifesaver! My baby is developing perfectly. I do have a cord defect but my dr assured me it has no correlation to the Zofran. I was prescribed it after being hospitalized for severe dehydration.

— yes i was too, i try not to take it.

— thank you