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Ladies I didnt get the flu shot am I wrong? Now im sick as …

Ladies I didnt get the flu shot am I wrong? Now im sick as a dog! Is this going to hurt my baby? What can I take and what Cant I take? or wht should I do?!.Im freaking out


— You can use Vic's it is safe!!! @mskayftm2016 lol and I understand

— @lashaunna9, yes ma'am i have def done tht...he prescribed oc meds and sum nasal spray...i really want sum vics vapor rub just to hve it rubbed on me by BD lol id feel better then..TLC thts wht i need lol im like a big baby right now lol

— This was the first year in my entire life that I have gotten the flu shot. But your not wrong it is all up to you and how you feel. And I was told that there is really nothing that can be taken. But I would contact your doctor to see

— u too boo

— @mskayftm2016, I hope you feel better doll face

— @amanda_turner, gurl youre not alone...id rather be dead myself right now...nothing tastes good anymore 😢😷😨😵 im waiting on my doc to callbck with a cure lol and our heat stopped working the other day...its just miserable moments right now.

— @mskayftm2016, it feels like I'm dying, lol. I am miserable, if being pregnant and having two kids isn't bad enough add sickness on top of it all.

— @amanda_turner, its ok i just talked to my doctors assistant she said even the ones who have gotten the shot are still sick so..wouldnt hve made much of a difference for alot of us

— I didn't get mine either now I'm sick too

— @melissah, yea i just feel like theyre tryng to infect some dang body with their stupid viruses..and i hvnt had a flu shot since i was a young teenager so..idk lol

— it wouldn't have made a difference, they just want you to think it will. I'm proud so many mommas are choosing not to this year!

— @aa2016, ok thanks a bunch and me too but i just called them @noahsmomma yea i just didnt feel comfortable getting one

— I refused to. there's nothing wrong with you choosing not to.

— I hope you feel better!

— schedule an appointment with your primary docter and if you get a fever you have to go to the hospital