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does anyone else wake up in the morning with super bad back…

does anyone else wake up in the morning with super bad back pain and cramps around stomach and on their side?


— aww😊😊 thanks alot @kaygrig

— It's a great feeling when they start to kick. In due time your baby will be rocking rolling and kicking ☺️

— its so weird though because i love when stuff happens because it reminds me that a baby is inside of me..but if he or she kicks i will be soooooooo happy emotional and everything words cant even describe @kaygrig

— When that stops hurting something else will start lol.

— i will thanks so much😊😚 @kaygrig

— It could totally be ligament pain. I have had back/hip pain since 10 weeks or so. It's tapered off a lot but I was miserable for weeks. You can use regular pillows but the C shape helps esp to go around my head. Hang in there mama.

— okae because thought it was just round ligment pain but idk...i will try a real pillow instead of the one on my bed lol @kaygrig

— I have a boppy that's for the baby and a pregnancy pillow. It's a constant struggle to get comfortable but it does help with pain getting sleep

— thanks i think target has them @kaygrig

— yea because i sleep on my side alot so maybe thats it thanks😊😊 @babybee

— Yup. Pregnancy pillow helps a little

— @babybee, it can be ligament pain, maybe the muscles or just from sleeping on your sides I Wana say for me it's turning from side to side quickly and it being my muscles

— what is that???like it hurts so bad!! @babybee @tesladawn

— everyday 😧

— yes