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why does it seem like my almost 11 month old is always tire…

why does it seem like my almost 11 month old is always tired??
it seems like all she wants to do is sleep?
im worried.
what could be going on?


— You welcome I wish he sleep as much as he use to for me now lol!

— luckily shes not fussy when she teeths...for the most part. @aek91

— oh ok. thank you @ab

— My son slept all the time till he was a little over 2 it always made me worry but it's totally normal !

— oh yea see kaine is different when he's teething he's horrible crying & just always wants to be held I wish he would get sleepy lol

— oh ok. its weird. she can play for hours and lately she seems like she could care less she just wants to sit with me or go to sleep. @heykaidensmom

— @juliagail09, that's probably it. Kaiden is the same way. He's been really tired the past two days and it's because he's teething.

— yeah she has 3 teeth coming in. 1 just started like yesterday. @heykaidensmom

— well she was sick last week(throwing up) but shes better now. but it seems like she just always wants to be by me or she wants to be sleeping. @aek91

— @juliagail09,

— @juiiagail09, is she teething?

— i mean it could be when did she start wanting to sleep a lot?

— do you think so? thats what i was thinking but idk :/ shes been being such a lazy butt. i mean she still plays but she wants to sleep a bunch. @aek91

— growth spurt?