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I want jimmy johns but I already had it yesterday 😢😢😢. a…

I want jimmy johns but I already had it yesterday 😢😢😢. any mommies ever get sick, from cold cut meats? I haven't yet at all, I just keep it minimized or heat the meat up if I can


— ugh u just made me.even more hungry! @kellynns yeah subway taste like crap

— Jimmy Johns is magnificent!! The tuna is amazing and I LOVE their avocado! It's amazing on the tuna but I always get the veggie with bacon lol I use to work at one for 2 years and I still love them and recommend them subway is disgusting and yes I worked there too and I'd never eat their tuna 😝😝

— I don't know. I don't eat tuna either lol. but it does look good lol. @tbella91

— I haven't tried it unfortunately, I have trust issues with tuna lol @tbella91

— yessssss I worked at Jimmy Johns for 10 months the tuna sub is DELICIOUS!!! @tbella91

— @ace.n.avas.mommy, I agree because if I'm craving it obviously baby wants it too lol

— how's the tuna sub there? if anyone has tried it. @ace.n.avas.mommy @jclark18 @momma588 @shaniahc

— oh yeah Jimmy Johns is much better than subway! @tbella91 omg I'm trying that one today @jclark18 sound delish!! :)

— I eat JIMMY JOHNS #11 COUNTRY CLUB!!! It taste so fresh to me I love it!!!!!

— yesssss the Vito is the best to me. I personally eat whatever I want 💁

— haha. I used to like subway. but Jimmy johns is way better. @tbella91

— I love the Vito @momma588 @shaniahc it's like I crave it lol and idk why its so good I hate subway

— Iove Jimmy John's. I always get the veggie sandwich. only bc I don't eat meat.

— I still eat it too! In moderation of course, but now I know what I'm having for lunch! :) haha