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I'm here at work thinking about my brother 😢 RIP big broth…

I'm here at work thinking about my brother 😢
RIP big brother Michael 👼☁💙 I still can't believe that you're gone 💔


— @nelianiz.elize, Stay Strong

— @nelianiz.elize,

— Im so sorry. I lost my brother 2 years ago. And the pain is still the same. Time doesnt heal, we just live with it. Be strong

— That's so sad!!! 💔 yes may they both rest in peace...and May God comfort you during this difficult time I'm your life! If you ever need me I am here.💗

— Ugh I'm so sorry to hear that @mother.of.angels I hate to hear stuff like that! My brother was in NYC when it happened and part of his fam is in PR and the other part in NC 😢 May they both RIP !

— no problem, now it's terribly hard

— Thanks sweet heart that is terrible, sadly my brother taken his own life. He was going through a lot mentally an he had a lot going on at the time. He tried getting help...he started church and got saved and then I guess he was just tired...he was out of state at the time so he couldn't get to his family.

— Thanks @mrsruvalcaba 😢😘

— @mother.of.angels, I feel your pain 😢 My brother died at 26 too and he was stabbed on his chest (through his heart and lungs) and I still can't believe it. It feels like a nightmare! 💔 I hope I can wake up from it soon. Sorry for your losses 😢😢

— I'm so sorry for your lost luv...

— Awh, so sorry for your loss. I lost my big brother when he was only 26, that was 8 years ago & it still hurts just as bad. Also lost my daughter at the age of 5, 7 months ago. Everyone says it gets easier but I know from experience that it just don't 😔