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Annoyed beyond words. I just want to sleep more than 4 hrs …

Annoyed beyond words. I just want to sleep more than 4 hrs a night!!!! I'm sooo tired and my bf is here sleeping like a baby!!!! 😡 I'm so uncomfortable it really sucks!!!!


— im sorry try napping through the day

— I can't my Bf snores soo loud and my cat cries around 8-9 for food so I'm up early and once I bend to feed him I'm awake. My heart starts racing etc. @february2016

— lol omg mine does wake me sometimes but then I just go back to sleep

— Yes, that picture is so me!!

— My boys getting so big for my stomach I think he's uncomfortable so he's constantly trying to get comfortable and in the mean time I'm up looking at my stomach move around like can u please notice it's dark and it's bed time @february2016

— omg no im still tired when I get up its just my iron levels are so low it's making me sleepy

— I wish I knew that life 😢 @february2016

— I want one badly but I need to b on an incline so idk how that's going to work for me....I lay flat and party is over between indigestion and constant tossing and turning @jammy828

— I've been sleeping too dang much lol

— @mizg1989, ☝🏽️☝🏽☝🏽

— @mizg1989, ☝🏽️☝🏽☝🏽

— I can't lay down if I tried the baby starts moving soo much....he took my pillow from me as well I was like wtf man 😡😡 he said I have all the pillows I said that's what I am suppose to have and showed him this pic

— It sucks....every single night I go through this @jammy828

— I so feel you. Last night I had to sleep in my bed sitting straight up... where they do that at. I had had 5 hours but it felt like 3.