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so I missed my last baby appointment and have been trying t…

so I missed my last baby appointment and have been trying to schedule another one for this week. I have one tomorrow morning. my mil calls my boyfriend (her son) and tells him that she needs someone to drive her cleaning ppl to the different houses that are scheduled to be cleaned. I reminded my boyfriend that we have a Dr's appointment in the morning and when he told her that she was like well I need you to cancel it. ummm excuse me??? my child's health is way more important than driving your cleaning ppl around.i can't stand her. what should I do ladies? cancel my appointment and help her out or not help her and go to my appointment. mind you she is out of town for pleasure reasons.


— Tell her to buy the cleaning people day-long bus passes. Your boyfriend should understand that when it comes to this kind of thing, you absolutely CAN say no to her.

— let him be mad, they both need to understand that your health and babys health is way more important than what they need. you guys come first, not his mom

— go to your appointment he should know that this is more important his mother is grown

— @wendy_hammett,

— then he'll be mad at me. but I feel like my child's wellbeing and health is way more important than his mom's cleaning company problems

— go to your appointment, thats way more important ,dont tell him that you dont want to cancel tell him that you Will NOT cancel your appointment

— hell no

— I wanna tell my boyfriend that I really don't want to cancel my appointment. he's gonna be like "well we can't really say no to her" plus if I drive them, I'm gonna have to help them clean. and I'm too pregnant for that.

— go to your appointment!

— ..... that trick can gladly get help another damn day

— she sounds selfish

— oh no, go to your appt.! she's get grown as hell and shouldn't be scheduling t things without transportation anyways.

— keep your appointment!

— go to your appointment!