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Who goes out every damn day to their friend's house? I'm so…

Who goes out every damn day to their friend's house? I'm so over this bs. So I guess it's forget his 5 day old daughter. I can't do this!


— I know it's hard, but try to focus on her. Ya can't fix him and your exhausting yourself trying. Some ppl will never change and it sounds like he is one of those ppl. He'll be in shock when you do just stop bothering with him and do you girl. It's your best bet at this point. He's missing out not you ! @emteebee you got this girl ... Bump him !

— @mumof2, I tell him plenty of times. Plenty. He can care less how I feel and make everything a personal attack. I was in labor and his aunt came to help me through it because she's been there and he started an argument with her and it was all about him. I'm tired of talking and it doesn't get to him. he has time for his friends but not me and his daughter.

— @florafedora, That is so true. It's just that he always threaten to take me to court if I leave like wtf. He doesn't do anything like he should. He half ass deal with his daughter before he goes out.

— sometimes men have to be told everything let him know how you feeling and let him know what he needs to be doing. I know its a headache but men sometimes need a pep talk.

— Congrats on your sweet baby! I have read some of the other things you posted about him not wanting to be around and I am sorry for you ☹️ hopefully he will be a man and do what he is supposed to but if he doesn't sometimes it's best to cut them loose. It's hard but it's better than being upset because he can't seem to make time for his family. 💜💜💜💜💜 just remember that you don't have to let him keep you miserable

— 😉

— I can't cry. I'm one of those deep, guttural people when I cry. I let it all out when it's ready to come out. I got this though. @kaygrig

— No but it's ok to cry. Just don't let it consume you. You got that little girl to be happy for.

— @kaygrig, I'm so upset and I mean emotionally. I'm going to though because crying won't get me anywhere.

— Find that happy place again.