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So my due date is Friday and Doctor says she won't let me g…

So my due date is Friday and Doctor says she won't let me go past 41 weeks.. She says if baby still isn't here on Friday we will set up a date for me to be induced before December 4th.. How does it feel to be induced? Can you feel it? Does it hurt? And why do most people prefer to have their babies naturally? Is there more benefits? Easier labor? Need advice from moms that have been induced


— I hated being induced, but it's because I can't tolerate pain well. I preferred the c section I had with baby #2. Labor from start to finish was only 14 hours during the induction though. I didn't feel pain until the 11th hour I think, got a shot of something and then got the epidural and things got better. When I got the epidural I started dilating quicker and then didn't feel much until he came out. I tore though & getting the stitches hurt. I do have to say being induced is nice because you know when your baby will be making their grand entrance into the world. I can't imagine going into labor naturally.

— @recklessmom54, due date buddies 😍 & OMG I'm so nervous girl but I think I'm gonna get the epidural for sure and I really hope she comes on her own because im scared to be induced

— @aek91, @mamaofangelbaby0610 thank you ladies! Its coming so soon im so nervous

— I'm due Friday too & my doctor said the same thing about inducing me! I want to have my baby without an epidural if I can but I was told when you get induced, the contractions are worse. So I'm pretty scared lol

— @mamaofangelbaby0610, okay I've been feeling lots of pressure already but I'm sure it's 10000 times worse & @mamix3 I like that there's a certain date you know they will be here too but I'm scared I guess it will hurt and be worth it either way though

— yes that's what pitocin is used for.

— yes it is I was already in labor but my contractions weren't progressing like my doctor wanted so she started me on it

— its worse than being punched prepare for a lot a lot of pain!

— the contractions I got with pitocin were just heavy pressure and then when I got pain meds I was perfectly fine I felt a little bit of the contractions while I was pushing but that's it.

— oh i should mention I didn't get the epidural

— What kind of hurt? Painful? Pressure? Like someone punched you? Lol Idk what to prepare for 😳 @mamaofangelbaby0610 & @aek91 is pitocin something they give you to start up contractions?

— I loved being induced, wish I could be again. I got to sleep and rest before, it hurts but it's all worth it.. labor hurts period lol plus I knew she would be coming a certain date, no waiting.

— mostly just pressure for me.

— yea you can feel it lol it def hurts I've never been Induced but I did have to have pitocin when I had my first my contractions were the worst before & after I thought I was gonna die!

— it does hurt but not too bad I was induced at 40weeks 5days and it hurts at first and then I got the epidural and I felt nothing at all.