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❗️tmi❗️ holy f*cking hemorrhoids... how have I made it to t…

❗️tmi❗️ holy f*cking hemorrhoids... how have I made it to this point without them and then bam!!! Omg, I've never experienced this kind of pain/discomfort before in my life... there's no way I can push a baby out like this. I seriously am about to have a breakdown. I feel like my body is ruined. 😭😫😭😫


— you're welcome @levleah

— 😂😂 it totally is!!

— @alye27, ugh, I can't wait to feel normal... this has been like 9 months of invasion of the body snatchers. I'm over it.

— @cameronjamarsmommy2016, I'm doing this now! Great idea- thank you!!

— @levleah,

— I soak cotton balls with witch hazel and stick them in the freezer. when im home I stick them you know where for comfort and to shrink them and it works wonders..I had em before I was pregnant and haven't had to many issues. increase your veggies and water intake to make it easier to use it. I had a flare up two days ago and also realized how dehydrated I was. Been on water for two days and now its easier to go....

— Haha , I feel pretty normal. There's just a few things that haven't snapped back yet. 😂

— @alye27, omg I'm so not ready! please tell me I'll feel normal again soon!!

— @babybump3, I hope so!!

— @livfelber, oohh that's a good idea! I'll get some tomorrow

— Hahaha wait till you're actually pushing her out, that's a whole new level 😂

— those are good too..It should go away in a few days...I had mine for like 4 days

— it definitely works! and if you take a bath put Epson salt in it that also relieves some pain too

— @babybump3, tucks? I got them today... I think I just need to keep using them over the next few days.

— @alye27, it really is... like, I never wanted to know my body this well. 😂😭😂😭