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when did you guys have your second baby? 👶🏽 how far apart…

when did you guys have your second baby? 👶🏽 how far apart are your kids?


— @kyrensmommy, yes I never thought I would have anymore and now I have my beautiful little girl and mind u I never wanted a girl lol now I'm so in love with her that I want another one in a year and half lol!!

— @nerdmamatn, I wanted a boy and got my boy lol I was happy now I want a girl but I feel like I'll have another boy 😩 and aww lucky!! you got your boy that's older and your little girl, that's so cute!

— Lol yeah, I wanted a girl from the get go but wouldn't trade my son for anything. but I'm definitely happy this one is a girl lol one of each

— @maggie1129, you're like my mom lol. Me and my sister are 10 years apart. and me and my brother are 5 years apart.

— @nerdmamatn, I might do 2 years apart. I hope my second is a girl. I really want a girl. seeing all these baby girls on Preggie is giving me baby girl fever lol

— @kyrensmommy mine is 10 years and 11 months apart lol

— @Mrsmoore, I want another so bad! 😔 I don't want them to be too far apart. my son is almost 2 months. I was thinking about trying when he's 1 & a half or 2.

— thanks and I've always wanted it that way lol

— all my kids are three years apart thinking of having another when my youngest is 1-1 1/2

— I don't know yet I'm due March 7

— @lilanne1927, that's perfect too! was it hard?

— @nerdmamatn, aww congrats!! 💘 yeah I was thinking 4 years too! not too far apart and not too close

— my oldest turned 4 in August and my daughter is due the 30th :) I personally love their age gap because they'll be in different stages and he's all excited to help with his sister.

— 2 years apart.