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Caleb is 4lbs Thank you JESUS!!! God is still working on ou…

Caleb is 4lbs Thank you JESUS!!! God is still working on our baby boy but he has come such a long way. #PrayingforCaleb


— Yay! Grow baby grow

— @3.26.16, @kimberlyyyy maybe it's the belly lol

— hallejuah thank you jesus !!!! ill be praying for mr caleb be blessed and keep posting honey @calebsmommy

— @kimberlyyyy Yes im really excited but still emotional because i really want him home

— @3.26.16 Thank you so much

— I had to stalk your page for a minute. I'm so happy to see he's in a crib now! That means that's one step closer to going home! I remember how excited I was to find Oliver in a crib, I started jumping up and down..and forgot there were other babies and moms in the nicu with me. Lol. But that alone is such a big step!

— he'll get there in no time. keeping him in my prayers

— @3.26.16 He needs to be off all respiratory help and be able to drink from a bottlr and show signs that he's hungry around feeding times.

— Woah he gained a lot over a few days!! That's awesome!!! Oliver is doing well! Thanks for asking.

— what do he need to accomplish to come home he's so cute and looks bigger than 4lbs

— @kimberlyyyy Ikr hows your lil guy?

— He looks bigger than 4 pounds. Good job lil man!!!!! 💜💜

— 😊😍