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Mommies what are some of the books you read to your LOs bef…

Mommies what are some of the books you read to your LOs before bed. I need some ideas I got.to get Wyatt some more bedtime books he only has one


— nope! I buy most of sadies things from local consignment shops but I check them. I check everything! and honestly I've had really great luck. I love shopping local

— lol I thought I was the only one who did that. I always flip through make sure there isn't any missing pages or colored on pages @steph11

— I got the cat in the hat for 2 bucks and a 3 pack of Oliva the pig for 5. I always flip through them and sniff them sometimes books smell odd

— @steph11,

— yeah I think I have a couple around me I'll deff go check them out. books are expensive, I went to goodwill and found him.like 3 books in great condition for 4-5$ is all I paid I think

— if you have any local baby consignment shops I'd check there. that's where I get most of Sadies books they are so expensive just flip through the pages quick

— I want to get all the princess books for Sadie we have 1 bed time story book but the fairy tales are not right

— @steph11,

— aww that's so cite and awesome she loves all books one book I wanna get him this week is how the Grinch stole Christmas I love Dr Seuss books

— or dr. Seuss

— Sadie loves goodnight moon. I've been reading her some game of thrones. I'm reading it and she gets interested she lives all books

— yes me too. like my Christmas present is a new book and same with me I've loved reading since I was 5 and I want my son to enjoy reading too @mrs.blackmon

— My husband either. we ask for board book or books in general at every birthday and holiday. I love to read and it's important to me that he does too.

— thank you I'm deff gonna check these titles out.for him I'm all about books to I have my own little library going on and I wanna build my sons too my hubby supports me on it even though he don't like reading all that much @mrs.blackmon

— We got ours at Target. There are also books called my daddy loves me and one called my mommy loves me. we like those too. oh and brown bear brown bear. lol sorry. we are all about books at our house.