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My son is a year old. He's constantly kicking and punching …

My son is a year old. He's constantly kicking and punching and doing normal crazy little boys do. I'm kind of scared that when I do get pregnant he's gonna kick me in my belly. He won't be able to understand that his delicate little sibling is in mommys tummy. Any advise/tips/suggestions?


— Oh okay thank you

— my sons 2 he plops on my belly all the time the drs just say its okay cuz my sons not big enough to do any damage and the baby's well cussiond in there

— Lol I'm glad

— I figured that's what you meant lol @akelly16

— I'll keep a pillow around at all times. He just learned how to do summer salts lol

— haha 19 month old*** that would be insane... ahhh sorry

— I have a 19 year old that plops down right on my lap and dives head first right into my arms.. at first I was worried but now I've learned to keep a pillow on my lap on the couch and usually lay down with my hands on my belly...boys are rough!!

— Hopefully we can make adjustments

— lol stay on gaurd! my one yr old is the same way

— my son is the exact same way!! he loves to play wrestle and fight, pretty much bring a boy but he does really good now!! he loves kissing my belly and knows he can't be rough